Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport (hungarian) Budapest Liszt Ferenc nemzetközi repülőtér, (Code: IATA: BUD, ICAO: LHBP). formerly known as Budapest Ferihegy International Airport and still commonly called just Ferihegy, is the international airport serving the Hungarian capital city of Budapest, and by far the largest of the country’s four commercial airports. The airport is located 22 kilometres (13 mi) east-southeast of the centre of Budapest and was renamed in honor of the most famous Hungarian composer Franz Liszt (Hungarian Liszt Ferenc) on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of his birth. Different ways to leave or to get to Budapest International Airport are the following:

The Hungarian airport is officially in partnership with only one taxi company which is Főtaxi Szolgáltató Zrt. The company is working with fix rates for each ride, to reach the city center will cost approximately(30-35EUR). You have the possibility to pay by cash or by card. However unfortunately there is no guarantee that the driver speaks any other foreign language, on the other side there is a chance that the drivers take adventage of the tourists by using higher tarifs then the original, resulting higher transfer costs. The official rates are : Basic fee : 450HUF, plus 280HUF/km, and 70HUF/min waiting charge.

The minibus service (MiniBUD) is offering an other option to get in the city with lower cost then a taxi , but if you choose them you have to make some compromisses, like: the minibus collects 8-10 passangers, so we can not foresee who will be the first and the last to deliver. Due to this fact regarding the transfer to the city and the return we should consider longer transfer time. The minibus can be found at the exit door at Terminal 2. To be able to use the MiniBud service you need to request a reservation.

Use From 4:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., bus number 200E which commutes between Terminal 2 and the Kőbánya-Kispest metro terminal (metro line M3). From the Kőbánya-Kispest metro terminal, passengers can take the M3 metro towards Újpest Központ to reach the city center. It is possible to change to metro lines M1 and M2 at the Deák Ferenc tér stop in the inner city. From 11:00 1:00 a.m. bus 200E, from 1:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. night bus number 900 operates between Budapest Airport Terminal 2 and the South Pest bus garage. It is possible to change to night buses 950 and 950A, operating to the inner city. Arriving during the day, you have to count at least with one hour of travel time to reach the city, not mentioning the difficulties to travel with your baggages sometime horrifying to use the stairs etc… Tickets for public transportation priced 350 HUF are available at the airport from BKK at its customer service points, from the post office, the newsagents (Relay) and from ticket machines at the bus stop. It is also possible to purchase a ticket from the bus driver for 450 HUF.

If you choose A-transfer Airport Transfer Budapest service at Budapest:Personal catering is provided at the airport already in order to avoid any disturbing factors and minimalize waiting time. The transfer is made by private cars, having drivers, if requested with different language skills (English and French). In our cars we have Wi-Fi and available gratis internet access to our guests. At your arrival we are offering refreshing cold drink for free in our cars as well. You have the possibility to calculate your transfer cost in advance resulting no hidden costs, and, which is never higher than the tariffs of an official Taxi. To order our services please make your reservation 24h before your arrival. When you leave Budapest the transfer time to the airport takes approximately 30 mins. We always adivse our passangers to get to the airport 3 hours before your departure time if you are going overseas, or 2 hours before it if you fly in Europe.

The passenger transfer network at Budapest airport is provided by taxi, mini bus or train. The traffic at the airport is very dense and the journey is very stressful at this level. The passengers find it a bit difficult as they do not like to deal directly with a transfer company that they do not know. And then, most drivers do not speak French and English very well. Nowadays, a private transfer company that assures the safety and comfort of all passengers has emerged. It is advisable to contact your transfer company in advance. There are a lot of transfer companies in Budapest. However the cost of transfer at the airport is very small compared to other European countries

Travelers arrive by Budapest through Liszt Ferenc International Airport. It was formally called, Ferihegy International Airport. It is the largest airport in Hungary and the second largest in Central Europe after Vienna. It is located at about 23 kilometers from the center of the city. This airport is easy to navigate and it is well connected to the city. The airport has a capacity to accommodate more than 9 million passengers.

Budapest is connected to almost every city of Central Europe. The international airport plays an important role in the connection of Budapest to Europe and the rest of the world. The result shows that the top destination of Budapest is France (Charles de Gaulle) and London (Lurton). Other Cities such as Munich, Amsterdam, Rome, and Barcelona have received several transfers from Budapest airport. The traffic is very dense at the airport. There are a large number of companies that handles the transfer of passengers at Budapest International Airport. These private companies that handle the transfer are numerous. An example of private is A-Transfer Company, which aims to ensure the comfort of passengers on their landings at Budapest airport.

Hungary is a country located in Central Europe. This country with an exceptionally rich cultural heritage: folk culture, museums, many villages.

The capital of Hungary is Budapest. Budapest is a very beautiful city due to its atmosphere that attracts people around the world.  It offers a unique atmosphere and an interesting scene of classical music as well as a thrilling nightlife. The city begins to become a very popular destination for youth and European tourists.

Today, Budapest is a perfect center to develop tourism in Central Europe. The attractive and harmony nature of the geographical atmosphere of Budapest is inevitable. In any geographical description of Budapest, The tourist site Danube must be mentioned at first. This is a river that crosses the city from the north to the south separating the Pest and the hills of Buda.

Budapest is a UNESCO world heritage site for its cultural and architectural presentation of Danube the most visited tourist site. To develop tourism Budapest contains a large number of tourist sites apart from Danube. It is located about 16 kilometers from the center of the city. We can access Budapest by airport, train and by car.